Regular Study Meeting of the IIJI Held
on Subject of World after DPRK-US Meeting

    A regular study meeting of the IIJI was held in Ikebukuro, Tokyo on July 23, 2018 in which Prof. Han Tong Song, rector of Korea University in Japan and Prof. Emeritus Kamakura Takao at Saitama University, both of whom are directors of the IIJI Board, gave lectures on the historical significance and background of the last DPRK-US Summit Meeting. It was presided over by Secretary General Ogami Ken-ichi of the IIJI.
    Rector Han Tong Song made his presentation entitled "A New World Indicated by Juche Idea, the Vision and Its Implementation of the DPRK-US Summit Talks and Global Independence."
    To begin with, Rector Han Tong Song stated that the importance of studying the Juche idea has been highlighted more than ever before in understanding the DPRK-US Summit Meeting, which people around the world looked surprisingly at, as well as the new world that is likely to be developed.
    He referred to global independence in that it is the ideology and theory founded by PresidentKim Il Sung and developed and enriched by General Secretary Kim Jong Il and that it was redefined by Chairman Kim Jong Un at the 7th Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea as in that “An independent world is one free from domination and subordination, aggression and intervention, where sovereignty and equality for all countries and nations are guaranteed.”
    About the significance of the DPRK-US Summit Meeting, he stated that it was the realization of the ideal of the DPRK’s foreign policy of achieving independence, peace, and goodwill without any change.
    In addition, he stressed that the DPRK’s victory of the line of simultaneous construction of the economy and nuclear forces led to a new relationship between the weakened United States and the DPRK and that the DPRK played a pioneering role in realizing global independence, and it was the victory of the Juche idea.
    His lecture was followed by another lecture entitled “For Achieving World Peace and Denuclearization” given by Prof. Kamakura Takao.
    He said: Peace is the essential requirement of socialism, and there are none of people in the socialist societies who want to make money in war. The DPRK, which has pursued peace by building socialism, is now on its way to abandon nukes it came to possess once, whereas the nuclear powers in the world have never renounced them. It is of historical significance that the two leaders of the imperialist and socialist worlds met and had a dialogue, coming to shake hands.
    The regular study meeting was attended by professors at Ritsumeikan University and Korea University in Japan, councilor of the Mongolian Embassy to Japan, postgraduate students and other Juche idea researchers.
    In his closing address Dr. Kim Hwa Hyo, former chairman of the Korean Social Scientists Association in Japan said: There was deep concern about the crisis of war that would break out on the Korean Peninsula at the end of last year. But war is now toward peace. On the other hand, the antipathy policy against the DPRK is still being continued in Japan, so that this kind of politics and trend must be reversed.
    The regular study meeting was of significance in that those participants deepened their understanding in such a way that the Inter-Korean Summit Meeting and the DPRK-US Summit Meeting came to be realized as the result of a consistent policy based on the Juche idea founded and developed by President Kim Il Sung and General Secretary Kim Jong Il as well as the line of simultaneous construction of the economy and nuclear forces put forward by Chairman Kim Jong Un who has succeeded to them.