IIJI Secretariat Visits St. Petersburg
-Having Talk with Juche Idea Researchers
Including Writer, Painter and Artist-

   Dr. Ogami Ken-ichi, secretary general of the IIJI and his party visited St. Petersburg, Russia from the 3rd to the 6th of May, 2017.
   During their stay there, they had an opportunity to have a talk with Ms. Elena Babich, chairperson of the Russian Kim Jong Suk Women’s Union and other members of writer, painter and artist, and others.
   In her welcome speech, Ms. Elena Babich introduced those who joined there to the IIJI Secretary General and said:
   There is a pen in the symbol mark of the Workers’ Party of Korea, which reflects that the working class’ party is rooted on the cultural tradition and sciences of the country, we recognize it in that way.
   Through the study of the Juche idea, we have come to aware that what lack of was in our Russian socialism. In this sense the Juche idea is very important to us.
   Then Dr. Ogami Ken-ichi mentioned the followings about the Juche idea and Kimilsung-Kimjongilism, after saying what he had been impressed by in his first visit to St. Petersburg:
   “Actually, it is possible to explain in a theoretical manner what the Juche idea is, or what the thoughts of President Kim Il Sung and General Secretary Kim Jong Il are. But I dare to say here that those are something like that has been deeply penetrated into my own self through my own experiences and lives. ”
   “President Kim Il Sung loved the people. In other way, he loved not only the Korean people but also the people in the rest of the world, and he loved very much the new generation, the youth, the future so to speak. The love for the people, the love for the youth, or the love for the future, is the substance of the Juche idea.
   “The DPRK is a country that lives this very moment, advancing along the path being based on the Juche idea, and whose future will be rooted on the love for the people. So, I am convinced that the love for the people will surely win a victory in the fight against imperialism.”
   In the gathering, Ms. Irina Dudina introduced one of her artistic activities by showing some items of her patchworks that reflect her social and political messages.
   Ms. Ilmira Bagautdinova, a ballerina, mentioned her strongly-motivated aspiration to make a modern balletic creation in an effort to convey messages from the Juche idea.