Seminar on Juche Idea and Art Performances in Okinawa
to Celebrate Birth Anniversary of WPK Chairman Kim Jong Un

Discussions on independence of Japan including Okinawa were made in the seminar.
(At Okinawa Prefectural Museum & Art Museum on January 8, 2017)

   The year 2017 falls on the fifth anniversary of Mr. Kim Jong Un being elected as the supreme leader of the Workers’ Party of Korea and the Korean revolution.
   To celebrate the birth anniversary of Chairman Kim Jong Un, a “New Year Seminar on the Juche Idea” along with a “New Year Evening of Art” were held on January 8, 2017 under the auspices of the Japanese National Liaison Council for the Study of Kimilsung-Kimjongilism (JNLCSKK) and the Okinawa Association for Friendship with the DPRK.

New Year Seminar on the Juche Idea

   The seminar was participated by Kimilsung-Kimjongilism researchers in various walks of life such as scholars, youth and students, social activists, and artists, some 70 in all.

   On behalf of the sponsorship, Prof. Emeritus Sakugawa Seiichi at Okinawa University, who is also representative coordinator for the JNLCSKK, made an address as follows:
   “It can be said that the Juche idea is the guiding principle for the Okinawa’s struggle.
   “I have always been concern about how to carve out the future of Okinawa. It is our duty to reform our society from Okinawa, I believe.
   “Similarly, as the forerunners for the study of the Juche idea, we should develop the work of the JNLCSKK.
   “It is necessary to disseminate this idea as the guiding idea for independence and peace among the broad masses of the people, among the youth in particular.
   “Let us together advance the study and dissemination of the Juche idea this year, and then stimulate the movement of Japan’s independence and peace as well as the trend of global independence!”
   Secretary General Ogami Kenichi of the International Institute of the Juche Idea (IIJI) made an address as a guest as follows:
   “The year 2017 falls on the victory in the Russian Socialism.
   “There had been the socialist movement in the world till the frustration of the Soviet Socialism.
   “Then after the breakdown of socialism in the USSR and some East European countries, Viet Nam and China turned to the path of the market economy.
   “So, it can be said that under the circumstances that capitalism or imperialism has become rotten and ferocious, not a small number of people have lost their prospect for the future.
   “Nevertheless, we have continued to assert that Juche-oriented socialism has been being shining.
   “It can be said that when the continued Okinawa’s struggle is backed up by the struggle to foresee the future with scientific prospects, it will be waged more powerfully.
   “On the other hand, under the current circumstances that prejudice and misunderstanding about the Asian countries including the DPRK have been spreading strategically, if people comply with them as they are as if they are their own ideas, it would be difficult for them to wage their struggle appropriately.
   “It is because only with hatred toward capitalism, imperialism people will not be able to envisage the future after breaking down it.”
   “That people are implanted with prejudice toward the DPRK means that their will and strength for the struggle are weaken.
   “Populism, a political style that is represented by Donald Trump who won a victory in the presidential election of the US last year, can be said as an idea that comes level with the masses or an idea that goes along with the masses. Populism means to agitate prejudice and misunderstandings among the masses brought about by reactionary politicians, incite their anxiety and dissatisfaction, make them enlarged and take advantage of such things in the political movement.
   “Adolf Hitler, who can be the founder of populism in the modern times, came to take the initiative in a party that prefixed the words ‘socialism and workers,’ i.e., the National Socialist German Workers' Party to be exact, and agitated the people in its own way with political and cultural methods.
   “The rise of Hitler did not save the world but led it along the path of ruin. Populism has never risen with the prospect for the future.
   “The victory in the US presidential election by Donald Trump also indicates that under the circumstances that imperialism is now showing a sign of the approaching end, so that the US had become unstable domestically, he came to win a victory by taking advantage of the people’s anxiety about them with a method of populism.
   “Socialism with the former USSR at the centre went frustrated once. However, the justness and inevitability of the victory in socialism has never been changed as before.
   “There would be nothing that could discourage the people who have prospects for the future, believing in their victory. State power may liquidate human physique but would never break down their faith.
   “In conclusion, let us share the same understanding that if people have a faith in the victory in the right struggle to make all happy, let them live independently in peace, they will surely win a victory to the end.”

   In the seminar, a lecture was given by Prof. Emeritus Taira Ken-ichi at Okinawa University who is also research fellow of the IIJI. It was entitled: “The Japan-US Security Treaty and the Japan-US Alliance as the Root of All Evils, and Japan’s Servility to the US ~ The Essence of the Issue of US Base Starting from the Pearl Harbor.”
   The lecture was composed in the followings: 1.Historical recognition of Prime Minister Abe Shinzo that arose people’s anger; 2. The mode of the US military bases lasting since the defeat in the World War Ⅱ and the US occupation of Japan then afterwards; 3. The real meaning of ‘Pearl Harbor’ as the start of the US lasting occupation in Japan; 4. The formation of the “predisposition” of Japan that cannot say “No” to the US; 5. The true nature of the US Bases lies in brutality of imperialism-delusive Japan-US Security Agreements.
   Professor Taira Ken-ichi said that the cause of the Japan-US War was in their imperialistic ambition for supremacy over the Asian countries, and that there is an invariable intention of the US to have supremacy over the Far East, Asia and the rest of the world behind the background of her aim of making Okinawa be a permanent base of US imperialism.
   Saying that since Japan was incorporated into the "nuclear regime" of the United States in the 1950s, she has continued to keep a brutal base policy till today by selling Okinawa as a fortress to the US, he pointed out that true sense of democracy has never existed either in the United States nor Japan.
   Prof. Taira Ken-ichi appealed to the audience for winning a victory in the struggle of Okinawa, upholding aloft the banner of independence, with a will to strengthen the sense of solidarity among the working people who aspire peace in the world.

   Following the lecture, a research report "What is like to live independently?" was made by Mr. Ogami Masakazu who completed master’s course at the London School of Economics (LSE).
   In his research report, Mr. Ogami Masakazu mentioned as follows:
   “The Juche philosophy stipulates that human being is a social being, an existence who actively builds up relationships between the self and others, forming the collective to live with. Then, why is human being a social being?
   “According to the Juche philosophy, one of the reasons why human being is a social being lies in the independence he has as the essential quality. In other words, an action that infringes upon the independence is human denials as a social being, even if that action only affects a few people.
   “On the other hand, about safeguarding independence, whose independence can be safeguarded, and what is intended to be safeguarded?”
   By raising questions in this way, Mr. Ogami Masakazu referred to the meaning of "independence" in the Juche philosophy to the relationship between man and nature, the attitude toward himself, the relationship between himself and others and society as the result of his study of them.
   Then he mentioned that "to safeguard the independence of human being" means to release the bondage of nature to himself, to oppose social restrictions for himself, and to restrain the oppression of himself to others, and further, to oppose every dependency on others with his own will and to take responsibility for the surrounding world.

   In addition, he explained about the Juche philosophy as a political philosophy, focusing on the issue of safeguarding the independence of one’s own country, and the issue of advocacy of independence in international relations.
   At the seminar, field reports were made by Secretary General Oshiro Satoru of the Okinawa Peace Movement Center on the new base in Takae and Henoko along with the movement against the Osprey Helipad Construction; and by Mr. Mikami Taichi, secretary general of the Kansai Liaison Council for the Study of Kimilsung-Kimjongilism on the recent activities conduced in Osaka.
   Mr. Oshiro Satoru (photo on the left) expressed his determination to bring together many people in Okinawa as it is necessary to extend discussions concerned among the people here in Okinawa and on a nationwide scale, believing that it is only they who can stop the right turning of the Abe administration, so that they would do their possible best with fresh resolution.

   Mr. Taichi Mikami (photo on the right) talked about his determination towards the success of 'New Year' s Day and Friendship Art Arrangement' planned in Osaka on January 28.
   He said that he would like to make it a gathering for many people including Juche idea researchers to share the importance of Japan-Korea friendship and the Juche idea as it is an important issue for Japan to have the correct understanding of them. He further said that it is important for us of Kimilsung-Kimjongilism researchers how to contribute to making Japan independent. In this regard, he intended to make it a gathering as an opportunity for many people to step forward together, aspiring after genuine peace.
   Mr. Nakasone Tadahiro, former Naha City official took the floor as an audience as follows:
   “In the last Vietnam War fighter planes flew from Okinawa and Okinawa was in the perpetrators' position. We must think about what Osprey's training means. To the US, enemies are China and the DPRK. If Osprey's training is once admitted, it means that Okinawa would be once again in the position of perpetrators. In this context, we would like to keep thinking about what Okinawa's independence is.”

Evening of New Year Art

   On the evening in the same day, "Evening of New Year Art" was held at the large Hall of Naha City Welfare House where more than 80 people gathered.
   The evening of art was organized by the Okinawa-Korea Friendship Association, sponsored by the Japanese National Liaison Council for the Study of Kimilsung-Kimjongilism, and opened with an address by Prof. Sakugawa Seiichi.

   In the evening of art, performed were Yaeyama dance by Ms. Tajima Michiko of the Yaeyama Traditional Dance Institute, song and piano by Ms. Ikebe Yukie who is president of the Japan-Korea Music and Arts Exchange Association, and Okinawan songs with traditional instrument by singer Mion.
   Ms. Tajima Michiko’s dance praises the richness of people's work and implied the pleasure of productiveness of grain.
   Referring to about her thoughts towards Japan-Korea friendship, Ms. Ikebe Yukie sang on the piano.

   Ms. Mion performed folk music.
   At the end of the evening, bouquet gifts were presented to performers and ended in a peaceful atmosphere.

* * *

   "New Year Seminar on Juche Idea" and " New Year Evening of Art" opened 2017 by providing the people with opportunities to share the feelings to promote friendship between Japan and the DPRK to realize Japan of independence and peace in accordance with the Juche idea, Kimilsung-Kimjongilism.