Publications on Juche Idea Published

―in Costa Rica, DR of Congo, and Finland―

Costa Rica

"Life in DPRK and Juche Idea" Privately Published

   On the subject of the DPRK and the Juche idea, Prof. Jose Francisco Aguilar Bulgarelli (director-general emeritus of the Latin American Institute of the Juche Idea, deputy director-general emeritus of the International Institute of the Juche Idea) wrote some articles, which werecompiled into a book.

The writer received in audience
by President Kim Il Sung
(on the left of a picture above)

"Life in DPRK and Juche Idea":

"Democratic People's Republic of Korea,"
"Great Leader Kim Il Sung,"
"Korean People,"
"Korean Children,"
"Korean Armed Forces,"
"Korean People and Arts,"
"Sports and Others,"
"Korean Economy,"
"Juche Idea"

DR of Congo

ARCSJI Publishes Its "Journal Juche Africa" No.2

    The African Regional Committee for the Study of the Juche Idea (ARCSJI) has published its "Journal Juche Africa" No.2.
   This issue introduces some of the study and dissemination of the Juche idea conducted in the first half of the year together with an editorial entitled "Democracy, Peace and Terrorism: Factors of Their Various Geometry" and a reflection entitled "Songun Politics Rooted in Juche Idea: It's Importance in Maintaining Cause of World Independence and Transformation," etc.

From the Editorial
   "The universal values based on the Juche idea such as independent development, national self-defense, freedom, social justice, a creative and patriotic spirit, self-confidence and the cultural values are essential for the African people who are willing to shelter from the various dehumanized hazard and destruction. This journal is a crossroads of ideas."


Kim Jong Un's Works Translated into Finnish

   The Society for the Study of the Juche Idea of Finland has been making efforts to translate works of the Korean leaders, while publishing its periodical on the Juche idea once a year.
   In last June the group published in Finnish two copies of Kim Jong Un's works entitled:
   "Let Us Step Up the Building of a Thriving Country by Applying Kim Jong Il's Patriotism," "Become Pillars Supporting a Prosperous Future Korea" (photos attached).