National Seminar on
"Kimilsung-Kimjongilism and World Peace" Held in India

   An Indian National Seminar on "Kimilsung-Kimjongilism and World Peace" was held in New Delhi on September 13, 2014. Attending there were people from various walks of life such as professors in universities, jurists, advocates from Supreme Court of India and High Court of Delhi, political party leaders, journalists, people involved in education and students in colleges and schools.
   As guests, Hon. Mr. Mangat Ram Singhal, former minister of Delhi State and Congress member, and the ambassador of the DPRK to India were also invited there.
   In his speech, stating that imperialism tramples the independence of any countries and strengthen its exploitation and oppression, Prof. Harish Gupta, director general of the Asian Regional Institute of the Juche Idea (ARIJI), who was chairman of the seminar, said the followings:
   "In the name of globalization the imperialists try to fleece the underdeveloped or developing countries and impose such conditions that they may not come up economically. In case these countries refuse to accept their terms, then military force is used by them and such countries are made to suffer.
   "Kimilsung-Kimjongilism is the answer to this injustice and oppression. In case we really want world peace then we shall have to acknowledge independence as the right of every nation and grant it equality.
   "We know that Juche grants independence even to an individual and thereby to each nation and hence it can alone bring about world peace."
   In her speech, explaining the Juche idea in details in a polite way, Ms. Harshita Bakshi, who is a teacher, said the followings:
   "Independence being the attribute of man' is man's basic right. Any impingement of it would create and generate discontent, unrest and consequently disturbance both at individual as well as international levels. Juche stands for this sacrosanct "independence" and hence world peace."