Study Exchange Meeting on Juche Idea for Independence and Peace
Held on Occasion of Mongolian Delegation's Visit to Japan

   An Study Exchange Meeting of the Juche Idea for Independence and Peace was held in Tokyo on March 23, 2014 on the occasion of Mongolian delegation's visit to Japan. It comprised members of the Mongolian Association of Mt. Paektu.
   Present in the meeting were the working people studying the Juche idea in various parts of Japan such as teachers, those in the medical profession, youth and students.
   In the meeting Secretary General Ogami Ken-ichi of the IIJI and Mr. Ulambayar Dagvadorj, president of the Academy of Politics and Management, Mongolia who headed the delegation gave lectures.
   In reference to the recent international situation, Secretary General Ogami Ken-ichi said as follows to the effect:
   "It is some forty years since when imperialist countries in the world headed by the US came to build subjugation-based allied relationship in the period of post-World War II. The recent situation shows us that the US, who has political and economic challenges in and out, would not be able to afford any longer to break wars in other countries by herself.
   "As the situation of the Middle East in the period between 2011 and 2012 bespeaks, in spite of being weakened tremendously in its strength, Western imperialism without changing its nature of aggression has continued its interference into individual countries throughout the world by means of violence. Under those circumstances, some countries in the Middle East and Africa have become chaotic like a battlefield as they have not any political forces of their own who could represent the interest of their respective peoples.
   "The DPRK has continued to advance along the path of independence, the path of socialism, and the path of Songun that guarantees the two formers.
   "The concept of independence is different from that of freedom. Freedom was sought after by the oppressed slaves or those who were under the colonial rulings. The path of independence is the path in which people live as masters. So, in the path of independence people fight against the oppression whenever they face it and they wage their struggles to be masters even if they do not face any oppression.
   "The path of independence leads to that of socialism.
   "Japan, a developed country in term of the economy, has respected only the US for a long time, while being subordinate to it.

   "Now, it is the time for individual countries including Japan to follow the path of independence without being subordinate to others."
   Mr. Ulambayar Dagvadorj spoke about the characteristics of the work of the Academy of Politics and Management, Mongolia as its president, revealing its forward plan.
   Quoting a Mongolian proverb, he also mentioned as follows:
   "I believe each nation and country has its own method of development that suits itself.
   "I am sure that all those countries who have developed with their own efforts are good examples to others.
   "Because we have such a thought as the Juche Idea founded by President Kim Il Sung, we could manage to meet each other like this today."
   Some others who could take the floor mentioned the necessity that people should advance along the path of independence by holding fast to an idea of putting priority on people not on money.
   Likely, exchanging their views and opinions on the Juche Idea and Kimilsung-Kimjongilism in the meeting, the Mongolian delegations and other participants deepened their study one another.