To Commemorate Publication of
"Collection of Kim Jong Un Works"
Set of National Seminar on Juche Idea and Celebration
Held in Okinawa

   To commemorate the publication of "Collection of kim Jong Un Works" that was put out in Japan under date of January 8, 2014 in celebration of the birthday of First Secretary kim Jong Un, a set of a National Seminar on the Juche Idea and a celebration were held in Naha City, Okinawa on January 12, 2014 under the auspices of the Japanese National Liaison Council of Societies for the Study of the Juche Idea (JNLCSSJI) and the Okinawan Liaison Council for the Study of kimilsung-kimjongilism (OLCSKK).
   Those gatherings were participated by Juche idea researchers in various walks of life such as scholars, social activists, youth and students all over Japan which included: Project Prof. Mushakoji Kinhide at the Centre for Asia Pacific Partnership, Osaka University of Economics and Law, former vice-rector at United Nations University, who is also advisor to the Society for the Study of kimilsung-kimjongilism; Prof. Sakugawa Sei-ichi, former rector at Okinawa University, president of the JNLCSSJI, who is also representative of the OLCSKK; Chairman Himori Fumihiro of the Japanese Committee for the Support of the Independent and Peaceful Reunification of Korea, who is also ex-member of the House of Representatives, Japan; Prof. Emeritus Taira Ken-ichi at Okinawa University; Joint Representative Hanawa Fujio of the Kanto Liaison Council for the Study of kimilsung-kimjongilism, who is also secretary general of the JNLCSSJI; Dr. Ogami Kenichi, secretary general of the IIJI; Secretary General Nakazato Osamu of the Okinawan Liaison Council for the Study of kimilsung-kimjongilism, who is also former chairman of the Marine Branch of the All Japan Garrison Forces Labour Union.

Celebration of Publication of
"Collection of kim Jong Un Works"

   A Celebration of Publication of "Collection of kim Jong Un Works" was held at a banquet hall of a hotel giving a panoramic view of the city.
   In their addresses at the celebration, eminent scholars and progressive people from all over Japan including the locals of Okinawa pointed out the importance of the dissemination of the book among the broad masses of the people with their determination to do so.

   With regard to the book, what Prof. Mushakoji Kinhide put an emphasis on was that it is important to make a deeper understanding of things and matters in the collection in view of their own people and he continued as follows.
   "I am sure that a phrase 'while you should keep your feet on the ground, you should make your eyes open to see the world,' often seen in the collection, is an important point of view in the Juche idea.
   "The DPRK, who has to survive under such harsh circumstances as being surrounded by the imperialist network, is keeping her feet on such ground, while having her eyes open to see the world. We can learn from it that we should take care of our own history, while getting hold of things imperialism. Likewise, in those works by First Secretary kim Jong Un we could read greatly justifiable remarks."

   Chairman Himori Fumihiro said that he took it to heart that without the proper understanding of the fundamental contents of kimilsung-kimjongilism it is impossible to have a true understanding of the DPRK.
   He continued that he would like to enhance the Japan-DPRK solidarity movement, while learning from kimilsung-kimjongilism, with such a thought that those Japanese people would surely render their solidarity with the DPRK, or act together with the same conceptual horizon.

   Chairperson Ikebe Yukie of the Japan-DPRK Association of Music and Arts, who is also joint representative of the Kansai Liaison Council for the Study of kimilsung-kimjongilism said that the Juche idea, clarifying the fundamentals of human beings, is an idea full of spirit of improvement as it advocates that each person develops in accordance with the development of the society.
   After mentioning the current situation of Japan that is inclined to the revival of militarism through her following in the footsteps of the US, and the necessity of establishing independence and peace in Japan, she expressed her determination to disseminate the concept of independence through her musical activities.

   Firstly extending his congratulations on the success in those gatherings, Prof. Sakugawa Sei-ichi tendered his thanks to all the participants who came all the way to attend there.
   Regarding the issue of the US military bases in Okinawa, he mentioned as follows:
   "Both the Japanese government and the American government are often pointing out the so-called 'theory of the threat from the DPRK' as the reasons for their refusal of removing the US Marine Corps and the US military bases stationed in Okinawa. However, the theory itself is a product aimed at backing up Japan to become a military power.
   "It is obvious that our state has been forcing its own difficult problems onto us, the locals including those of Okinawa and Fukushima. However, we will never accept them at all."

   Prof. Taira Ken-ichi mentioned that thanks to the publication of "Collection of kim Jong Un Works," they would be able to study afresh jointly the fundamentals of the Juche idea and the road to be taken by the DPRK under the present international situation.

   He further pointed out that it was a pressing matter in realizing the independence of the country to make the Japanese government abandon its obedient politics to the US and appealed that the Okinawans' struggle should be recognized by the rest of the Japanese people as their own.
   Also at the celebration, a performance of the Okinawan folk songs was taken place.

National Seminar on Juche Idea in Commemoration of
Publishing "Collection of Kim Jong Un Works"

   In commemoration of the publication of "Collection of Kim Jong Un Works" a "National Seminar on the Juche Idea to Carve Out Future While Upholding Aloft Independence in the New Year" was held at the Okinawa Prefectural Museum Attached with Art Gallery.
   In his speech entitled "Let Us Establish the Identity of Okinawa by Learning from the Juche Idea," Prof. Sakugawa Sei-ichi stressed as follows:
   "We have to make a change in the present situation of Japan's military and colonial obedience to the US. In other words, it should be changed that only on the pretext of the intergovernmental consensus between Japan and the US, the wills of the Okinawans against the relocation of a US air station to Henoko have been being neglected, the US military stations being reinforced.
   "It is requested that we should collect all the minds of the Okinawans and thus establish our independence. The Juche idea can be a weapon of the struggle of the Okinawans, as it teaches us that the masters of the country are those who comprise that country."
   In his lecture entitled "Independence of Japan and Peace in East Asia," Prof. Mushakoji Kinhide said that the initial cause of current various problems arising in the world stems from colonialism and continued as follows:
   "The concept of 'independence' and that of 'the right to living in peace' are deeply related with each other. When the concept of independence or the right of self-determination is set great value on, by its very nature, the right of living in peace should also be done so.
   "If Japan becomes such a country of anti-colonialism and anti-imperialism through examining itself on her history of having invaded the East Asian countries, she will be able to cultivate amicable relations with them, without creating confrontation with them.
   "So, I would like to suggest that we continue to make a deeper study of building a world where people can live harmoniously on the basis of the principle of peaceful co-existence and that of mutual benefit and equality, and fight against colonialism and imperialism while setting value on making the country independent."
   In reference to the recent situation of the DPRK, Chairman Himori Fumihiro mentioned that this country is conducting its construction of a thriving nation rallying around First Secretary Kim Jong Un without any wilderness.
   He also stressed: it is necessary to clarify that the so-called theory of threat from the DPRK is a deceit, and it should be recognized that Japan herself who is on her way to militarism must be a threat to the DPRK.
   Referring to the title of his speech "For Further Development of Japan-DPRK Solidarity Movement," he showed his determination to strive hard to promote the movement vigorously with the recognition that the Japanese peaceful movement, the Okinawans' struggle and the Japan-DPRK solidarity movement are deeply related with one another.
   Prof. Taira Ken-ichi delivered his presentation entitled "On the Outlook on Social Sciences in the Letter Sent by First Secretary Kim Jong Un."
   Giving explanation to the work of First Secretary Kim Jong Un entitled "Our Social Sciences Should Actively Contribute to Accomplishing the Cause of Modeling Whole Society on Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism," he said as follows:
   "First Secretary Kim Jong Un is saying that social sciences are studies which create the most important and valuable wealth in all social ones, so that they should be such studies as they clarify the essence of social phenomena and historical facts and their legality and should be those that lead social movement and development based on the Juche idea. I believe that this is a crucial and universal outlook on social sciences.
   "The outlook on social scientists of First Secretary Kim Jong Un stems from his stand pertaining to giving scientific analysis to social phenomena from a people's point of view and heightening the standard of their livings.
   "Learning from his stand of independence, we are requested to continue to wage our struggles against the current Japan's subordination relations with the US."

*   *   *

   Both gatherings referred to the facts that First Secretary Kim Jong Un has made a lot of exploits for a short period of time since his taking office, leading not only the people of his own country but also the progressive people of the world as the successor to the cause of Juche, the leader of the era of independence.
   Since the declaration of Kimilsung-Kimjongilism by First Secretary Kim Jong Un, Juche idea researchers throughout the world have been studying it as the guiding idea of the era of independence, and with a firm belief marching ahead along the path of independence that makes their own countries and the rest of the world independent. This has become a trend no one can check.