Seminars on Juche Idea Held to Remember
General Secretary of Kim Jong Il
on First Anniversary of His Demise

- Introducing Those Held in India, Tanzania and Japan -

    To remember Secretary General Kim Jong Il on the first anniversary of his demise, gatherings were held in various parts of the world.

    Juche idea researchers throughout the world have renewed their determination to strive hard to promote the independence of their own nations along with global independence through making a deep study of ideas and theories of General Secretary Kim Jong Il and his worthy exploits contributed to the development of the humanity's cause of independence..

    Among them, being introduced here are some gatherings held in India, Tanzania and Japan.

Being Determined to Work Hard to Enhance Unity and Cohesion among People through
Learning from
General Secretary Kim Jong Il

    A National Seminar on the Juche Idea was held in New Delhi on December 8, 2012.

    Present in the seminar were Dr. Vishwanath, director general of the IIJI Board, Dr. Suresh P. Pathak, director of the ARIJI Board who is also president of the Indian Society for the Study of Kim Jong Il Works, university professors at Delhi University, activists from various Indian political parties, along with other Juche idea researchers.

    Also, H.E. Mr. Rim Hoe Song, the DPRK ambassador to India attended there.

    Dr. Vishwanath, who was presiding over the seminar, said that after the demise of President Kim Il Sung, General Secretary steered the ship of the state with great dexterity and with his Songun politics turned Korea into a mighty state to withstand the pressure of the imperialists with success, and that his philosophy is a message of peace and equality laced with courage, determination and strength.

    Prof. Neera Narang at Delhi University highlighted the qualities of head and heart of General Secretary Kim Jong Il.

    Dr. Suresh P. Pathak said: Songun politics put forward by the General Secretary that has made Korea invincible. It is a strategy to make Korea self dependent in its defence, aiming at self preservation and not at wanton aggression as is the case with the imperialist powers.

    Mr. P.N. Divedi, representing the Forward Block Party of India said that in India we should learn from his deeds and give strength to our Workers' Party, as he did in Korea.

    Dr. Shekhar Sarkar said: The General Secretary has left behind him a rich legacy of faith, love and courage. His contribution in the form of Songun politics has done Korea immense good and made itself reliant in defence. The General Secretary who was always on the spot guidance to his people still lives in our hearts.

    Mr. Rajest Yadav, a leader of the Congress Party of India, said: General Secretary Kim Jong Il still lives in our hearts through his teaching and preaching. He was a great friend of the weak and the deprived spread all over the world.

    Mr. Atul Anjan, a leader of the Communist Party of India, stressed: We should learn from the Korean people for their grit and determination to fight against these imperialist powers with success and also follow the path shown by the General Secretary.

    H.E. Mr. Rim Hoe Song, expressing his thanks to those who participated in the semianr, said: Despite the unethical an unreasonable sanctions imposed upon us of the Korean people by the imperialists, we are sure that the task left incomplete by General Secretary Kim Jong Il owing to his sudden death, would be completed by First Secretary Kim Jong Un.

    Through the seminar, those participants deepened their understanding of the idea and theory, and achievements of General Secretary Kim Jong Il as well as his personality, and renewed their determination to further spread the Juche idea developed and enriched by him in India.

Studying Theory of Leadership in the Juche Idea
- to Realize the People-Centred Politics in African Countries -

    A Seminar was held in Dar es Salaam in Tanzania on December 8, 2012.

    A study presentation entitled "The Challenges of Leadership in the Countries of Africa and Theory of Leadership in the Juche Idea" was delivered by Dr. Francis Fanuel Lyimo at the University of Dar es Salaam, who is deputy director general of the Board of Directors of the African Regional Committee for the Study of the Juche Idea and chairman of the National Coordination Committee of Juche Idea Study Groups in Tanzania.

    His study presentation comprised Concept of Leadership, Challenges of Leadership in Africa, Political Parties in African Countries, Leadership in Multi-party Political System, Theory of Leadership in the Juche Idea, and the Leader-Centred Theory.

    Giving analysis to the history of African politics and current political situation, Dr. Lyimo stressed: African countries need good leadership for rapid social and economic development. The theory of leadership in the Juche idea is of great importance in addressing the problem of leadership in the countries of Africa.

    He further said: General Secretary Kim Jong Il developed in depth the scientific leadership idea and theory of Juche enunciated by President Kim Il Sung, establishing a scientific man-centred philosophical world outlook and applied it to state building and the leadership of the people. He continued as follows.

    "It is an historical truth that if the people are not under the wise leadership of a leader they cannot emerge victorious in the struggle for freedom and liberation. In this context General Secretary Kim Jong Il considered the question of the leader as the basic question of decisive significance relating to the development of social history and carving out the destiny of the people.

    "The scientific accuracy and vitality of the leadership philosophy of General Secretary Kim Jong Il lie in that it takes as the basic principle the human first doctrine, the human-centred theory and the leader-centred theory.

    "The theory of leadership clarified by General Secretary Kim Jong Il constitutes an ideological and theoretical guide of universal significance which, because of their specific accuracy and vitality, all leaders endeavoring to build a humanistic society follow in leading the state..

JAPAN: Learning from Ideo-theoretical Exploits of General Secretary Kim Jong Il Going Down in History of Humanity
- at Gathering to Remember Him Attended
by People from Various Walks of Life in Different Places -

    A Get-together to Remember General Secretary Kim Jong Il was held in Tokyo on December 18, 2012.

    The get-together was prepared by forming an executive committee to this end comprising the IIJI, the Society for the Study of Kimilsung-Kimjongilism, the Japanese Committee for the Support of the Independent Peaceful Reunification of Korea, and the Japanese National Liaison Council of Societies for the Study of the Juche Idea (JNLCSSJI).

    Joining there were Director-General Emeritus Inoue Shuhachi of the IIJI Board, Secretary General Ogami Ken-ichi of the IIJI, Secretary General Hanawa Fujio of the JNLCSSJI and other personalities from various walk of life in different parts of Japan who had continued to promote the study of the Juche idea, campaigns for friendship and solidarity with the DPRK, and the exchanges of culture between Japan and the DPRK for a long time.

    At the outset, one minute's silent tribute was given to General Secretary Kim Jong Il.
    A memorial address was made by Director-General Emeritus Inoue Shuhachi. Referring to his efforts to make a deep study of the idea and theory of General Secretary Kim Jong Il by publishing many books concerned up to then, he said.

    "Truly, it is Secretary General Kim Jong Il who was the Sun of the 21st Century, a symbol of happiness and joy of the humanity, the beautiful future and the worldwide victory of the cause of independence.".

    He continued: Japan, the US and other countries are still capitalist societies. However, they will finally turn into those societies where the Juche idea has been embodied, the final stage of the development of human society. Let us continue to follow the path with a faith in the future that witnesses the victory of the cause of independence, to live today and tomorrow to this end.

    It was followed by a presentation entitled "Great Exploits of General Secretary Kim Jong Il and the Opening of the Kim Jong Un Era" given by Mr. So Chun On, head of the International Bureau of the Central Headquarters of the General Association of Korean Residents in Japan (Chongryon)..

    He explained the exploits made by the General Secretary with photos and diagrams and said: When the General Secretary passed away, the Korean people grieved so much and the world paid attention to the fact. It was because General Secretary Kim Jong Il was not only the leader of the Korean people but also the leader of the world in terms of global independence and international politics.

    He stressed: It was really a miracle that our country, which is never said to be too large, had stood up to the US imperialism single-handed, had an unbroken series of victories over it, and thus safeguarding our country and nation, and our socialism. By making this miracle happen, our nation has defended the worldwide socialist cause..

    Also at the get-together some more memorial addresses were delivered by including the following persons: President Suzuki Toshikazu of the Sizuoka Study Group of the Juche Idea, Mr. Miyakawa Kunio, joint chairman of the Gunma Liaison Council for the Study of Kimilsung-Kimjongilism who is also secretary general of the Gunma Prefectural Council for the Friendship and Solidarity between Japan and the DPRK; Ms. Nakamuro Michi of the Shimonoseki Juche Idea Study Group, Vice-President Yanagisawa Tokuji of the Japan-DPRK Association for Cultural Exchanges, Chairman Himori Fumihiro of the Japanese Committee for Supporting Independent Peaceful Reunification of Korea.

    Those all who took the floor said that with the recognition of the exploits made by General Secretary Kim Jong Il and the features of Korea today, they shall strive hard to promote the study and dissemination of the Juche idea along with their campaigns for Japan-DPRK friendship with a faith..

    After the get-together, a Seminar on Kimilsung-Kimjongilism was held there under the auspices of the IIJI.

    At the seminar, a presentation entitled "Learning from the Work of General Secretary Kim Jong Il: the Materialistic Conception and the Juche Idea,”by Prof. Emeritus Kamakura Takao at Saitama University and another presentation entitled "Analyzing Kim Jong Un's Visions―His Policies Put Forward at the Watershed of History.”The former highlighted the ideo-theoretical exploits of General Secretary Kim Jong Il and the latter studied the characteristics of the idea and leadership of First Secretary Kim Jong Un, the successor to the revolutionary cause of Juche.

    Explaining the contents of the work of General Secretary of Kim Jong Il entitled "The Historical Lesson in Building Socialism and the General Line of Our Party," (published on January 3, 1992) Prof. Emeritus Kamakura talked about the decisive role played by the guiding ideology in building socialism.
    Prof. Emeritus Kamakura who is a well-known scholar of Marxism, "The Capital" in particular, commented on the cause of the frustration of socialism in the former Soviet Union and some East European countries in light of the incompleteness of the guiding ideology that socialism based on.

    He mentioned: Ideological unity based on the Juche idea that clarified the essential qualities of human beings could be the firm ground for the socialist construction.
    Mentioning that the policies put forward by First Secretary Kim Jong Un are based on his insight into the situation in both long and short terms, Prof. Han Tong Song explained the First Secretary's summing up of the past 100 years and his vision of the forward 100 years by referring to some of his works.

    Further, explaining the slogans put forward by him, Prof. Han Tong Song commented on the characteristics of the leadership of the First Secretary who puts priority on the benefit of the people and said: The ideology and leadership of First Secretary Kim Jong Un as ideo-theoretician and politician shall be fully displayed in the years to come.

    Prof. Ouchi Noriaki at Kanto-Gakuin University also gave a presentation on the new political system of the DPRK.

    The get-together to remember General Secretary Kim Jong Il followed by the seminar on Kimilsun-Kimjongilism marked an occasion to step up vigorously the study and dissemination of the Juche idea together with the broad masses of the people in Japan.