Let Us Step Up the Building of a
Thriving Country by Applying
Kim Jong Il's Patriotism

Talk to Senior Officials of the Central Committee of the
Workers' Party of Korea

July 26, 2012          


    In our implementing of the cause of building a thriving socialist country today, it is very important to apply Kim Jong Il's patriotism.
    I have already explained Kim Jong Il's patriotism on several occasions. However, our officials still have a poor understanding of it, and they fail to substantially apply it to their practical activities with proper methodology.
    We emphasize Kim Jong Il's patriotism to encourage officials, Party members and other working people not to merely shout it as a slogan or to hold it up like a banner, but to learn from the ennobling examples of patriotism set by Comrade Kim Jong Il and apply his patriotism thoroughly to their practical activities in building a thriving country.
    Comrade Kim Jong Il was a peerless patriot; he loved his country and fellow people more ardently than anybody else, and devoted his whole life to achieving the prosperity of the country and the happiness of the people, thus performing imperishable exploits that are etched in the history of the country.
    Always cherished in the depth of his heart were his dear country and people.
    When he saw a forest thickly wooded or a vast field realigned in a sweeping manner, he would say to himself, "Green mountain" and "Green field," picturing in his mind the future of a thriving country and the happiness our people would enjoy down through generations. When he was on visits to foreign countries, he would say with deep emotion, "My country, my nation," missing his country and people back in his country. When he saw a poorly-wooded mountain on his field guidance trip, he would feel painful and say that our country had been called a three-thousand-ri land of golden tapestry from time immemorial, adding that we should turn it into a land of golden tapestry of the era of the Workers' Party and hand it over to the coming generations. When he saw that the service personnel of army units had planted many trees on the mountains around their barracks and tended them well, he would speak highly of their patriotism and call theirs units of patriots. And when he saw a village and the barracks of an army unit which were well laid out and covered with apricot and persimmon trees, he called them an apricot-tree village and a persimmon-tree company, respectively, adding national fragrance to their names.
    Being determined to be the master of the revolution in Korea from the first day of embarking on the road of the revolution, he defended and added brilliance to his socialist country by devoting his all throughout his life, and continued to follow the road of love for his country and people until the last moment of his life.
    The struggle to defend the socialist country was the acutest showdown with the imperialist allied forces, the severest struggle unprecedented in its history. To break through the harsh trials facing the country and defend it, Comrade Kim Jong Il set out on the long, arduous road of Songun-based leadership in a do-or-die spirit.
    The only parka he wore from the days of the "Arduous March" to the last days of his life is vivid evidence showing what a thorny path he had to traverse with patriotic devotion to defend his socialist country. One year, looking back on the days of the trying ordeals with deep emotion, he touched on the parka he was wearing. He said that he wore it at the onset of the "Arduous March" after President Kim Il Sung had passed away, and that he kept wearing it because he could not forget the trials. He continued earnestly that the parka was symbolic of the Songun-based revolution. Even a parka gets thin if one wears it long, and it cannot keep one warm in the cold. Though icy wind got through the old parka, he burned his heart with a sense of responsibility for the defence of his country. He held on to the parka for more than ten years, when he displayed strong will and superhuman energy going on with his inspection of the military units on the front line to train the soldiers into a-match-for-a-hundred combatants. Chol Pass and Mt. Osong he climbed braving howling snowstorms, Cho Islet he visited across a rough sea, and other frontline posts will remain witnesses to the patriotic devotion he displayed on the road of Songun-based leadership to defend the country.
    As can be seen through the recent parade held to mark the centenary of the birth of the President, our country, which was robbed of its sovereignty a century ago because of its weak military strength, is demonstrating its dignity as a world-class military power; it owes its matchless military might to the wise leadership of Comrade Kim Jong Il. Whenever we reflect on the road of Songun-based leadership Comrade Kim Jong Il followed shouldering the responsibility for the destiny of his country and nation, we deeply realize what valuable and ennobling patriotism he possessed in defending our country, our motherland.
    The thorny path he covered all his life with a single mind of patriotic devotion led to the transformation of our country's appearance and the laying of the solid cornerstone for building a prosperous and powerful nation.
    Even in the grim period of leading the struggle in defence of socialism, he unfolded a far-reaching plan of building a thriving socialist country and wisely led the efforts for its implementation. Under his energetic leadership the land all over the country was realigned as befits a socialist country, gravitational waterways built in many regions and rural villages turned into socialist fairylands. What is more, modern heavy- and light-industry factories were built in large numbers, existing factories renovated to meet the demands of the new century and monumental structures that would contribute to the country's prosperity and the well-being of all generations to come built in an excellent way in various parts of the country.
    The introduction of CNC technology that effected an industrial revolution of our style in the new century shows us the high level of his patriotism. Still vivid in my memory is his image in January 2010, when he recollected with deep emotion how he earnestly explained the details of CNC technology to the officials who had not had a correct understanding of the technology so as to stoke the flames of introducing the technology. During the period when the country was undergoing difficulties he had precious funds allocated for the introduction of CNC technology for the prosperous future of the country although he was haunted by the thoughts of the people who were suffering from food shortage. That he decided shedding his heart's tears to spend the precious funds, which could be called all in the coffers of the state, for the introduction of CNC technology was a courageous decision and the best choice born of his patriotic will to raise the international profile of his country, his motherland, by fostering its might, not by importing others' showy machines. Patriotism finds its highest expression in fostering the might of one's country for its prosperity. Strong national might makes it possible to defend the country and guarantees the happiness of all generations to come. Whenever he heard the song Break through the Cutting Edge, he would shed tears recollecting the arduous road he had traversed and mental difficulties he had surmounted for the introduction of CNC technology. Indeed, his tears were tears of ardent patriotism.
    The epochal changes effected in our country and the proud realities unfolded in the prospering Songun Korea are all valuable fruits born of his ennobling patriotism.
    His burning love for his socialist country and people and his self-sacrificing devotion to the prosperity of the country and happiness of the people originated from his absolute trust in his people and unbreakable confidence in the justness of the socialist system and the victory of the socialist cause. There can be no love and devotion separated from trust and confidence. It is only from unshakable trust and confidence that genuine and warm love and unstinting devotion are produced. Saying that there is no people in the world better than ours, he always placed absolute trust in them. And saying, "Let's see who laughs last," he had firm confidence in the victorious future of the country. As he firmly trusted in our people and the victorious future of the country as in himself, he was always on the road of devotion for the country and people with the most ardent love for them.
    His warm love and devotion for the country and people also originated from his ennobling sense of mission. He cherished the ennobling sense of duty and mission that he was responsible for the destiny of the country and people the President had entrusted to him. Out of this sense he set out on the long march of Songun-based leadership with a do-or-die determination and devoted his all to the prosperity of the country and the happiness of the people with the most ardent love for them.
    In the light of its essential content and great vitality, the patriotism he cherished and applied in his practical activities is the most ennobling patriotism which can be associated only with his name. For this reason, when I speak of patriotism, I mean not patriotism in general, but Kim Jong Il's patriotism, the patriotism that he cherished and applied to defend his country and make it prosperous.
    Kim Jong Il's patriotism is the crystallization of socialist patriotism.
    It is the most fervent and the warmest love for our socialist country and people and the most earnest and self-sacrificing devotion to the prosperity of the country and the well-being of the people. It is genuine patriotism that holds dear every tree and every blade of grass of the country and devotes one's heart and soul to looking after them.
    Kim Jong Il's patriotism is based on the ennobling view of the motherland.
    Kim Jong Il wrote in The Embrace of My Motherland, a classic song that he created in his early years, that the embrace of the country whose land glows under the sun radiant is the embrace of Kim Il Sung, thus presenting a profound idea that to our people the motherland is immediately their leader and the embrace of their motherland is his embrace. One's motherland is not simply a place where one was born and grew up; it must be a place which guarantees genuine life for the people and eternal happiness for posterity, which in turn is assured by the leader. The genuine life for the people and eternal happiness for posterity can be created and brought into bloom only by the leader who loves the country and the people in real earnest and devotes his all to them. The destiny of the country and people cannot be thinkable separated from their leader, and it can be defended and guaranteed only by him. Hence, devotion to the country is precisely faithfulness to the leader, and faithfulness to the leader is a display of patriotism, the highest expression of patriotism.
    Kim Jong Il's patriotism is based on the noble outlook on people that believes in them as in heaven.
    "The people are my God" was the General's motto throughout his life. He said that if there is an omnipotent entity in this world, it is the masses, not the God; it was his creed of patriotism that the country exists as there exist the people. His patriotic mind was always filled with the word people. If it is the wish of the people, I should pluck a star out of the heavens or grow flowers even on a rock–it was the noble meaning of his affection for people and his will. Even now, whenever I listen to the Song of Affection for People, singing that the sum of the General's lifelong exploits, as wide as the sea and as high as the sky, is that only for people, I cannot help shedding tears as I recall the benevolent image of the General who valued people all his life.
    For the ennobling view of the younger generation, Kim Jong Il's patriotism stokes our feelings further.
    The slogan "Let us live not merely for today but for tomorrow!" is the intensification of his view of the younger generation. Whatever we do, we must do it most creditably and perfectly so that the coming generation can enjoy benefit from it even in the distant future although we may not enjoy it in our lifetime–this was his ennobling intention and an earnest request he always made.
    Kim Jong Il's patriotism is, indeed, a precious spiritual legacy he left for our people and an example to follow in practice.
    It is a valuable ideological and spiritual sustenance indispensable to all who love their country and fellow people; it also provides those struggling for the sake of their country and fellow people with a powerful motive force that infuses into them courage and vigour. It will serve as a bright beacon in bringing up our people to be genuine patriots through generations, and as a compass to guide them in their struggle and life.
    All our officials, Party members and other working people should learn positively from the ennobling patriotism of the General who devoted tireless efforts to the country and people all his life, burning his heart with ardent love for them, and apply it in practice as it is, without adding anything to it or deducting anything from it.
    Education for implanting Kim Jong Il's patriotism deep in the hearts of the people should be strengthened.
    We should strengthen education in Kim Jong Il's patriotism to encourage all Party members, working people, service personnel and youth and students to understand its true meaning and cherish it in their hearts.
    Education in Kim Jong Il's patriotism should be carried on in depth and breadth through theoretical explanation.
    This type of education should not be conducted in the way of shouting slogans, but in depth and breadth combined with theoretical explanation to inspire all Party members and other working people to have a clear understanding of the General's view of the country, of the people and of the younger generation, and become genuine patriots who render loyal services to their country and people like the General and devote their blood and sweat of patriotism for tomorrow, when their desire would burst into bloom, though it is hard today like the anti-Japanese revolutionary forerunners who had fought, dedicating their youth and life, for the future of their country and people.
    Education in Kim Jong Il's patriotism should be conducted substantially in combination with practice.
    The main mistake in the current education in patriotism is that the education is conducted far removed from practice. Education separated from practice is to no avail.
    Patriotism is wholehearted devotion to the country and people. Stressing that anxiety for the country does not mean patriotism and patriotism only in word is unwanted, the General said that if one is ready for patriotism, one should perform patriotic deeds with a true spirit of patriotism. The spirit of patriotism should be expressed in practical activities designed for the well-being of the country and people. To the call of the country and people, one should not answer in mere words, but by dedicating one's whole being; this is the proper stance of a patriot. Those who follow the road of genuine patriotism without hesitation or vacillation in any adversity, those who faithfully carry out in time and to the letter the revolutionary tasks the country and people have assigned them, are genuine patriots.
    Education in Kim Jong Il's patriotism should be based on reality and conducted in keeping with the specific situations.
    Patriotism is not an abstract concept. It begins from one's own home. It buds out from the love for one's parents, spouses and children, the love for one's own home, village and workplace, and further develops into the love for one's country and fellow people. Those who do not cherish affection for their parents, spouses and children and for their homes, villages and workplaces cannot love their country and fellow people; they can never become genuine patriots. We should educate all Party members and other working people to become genuine patriots who first love their parents, spouses and children and further sincerely shed sweat and dedicate their all to spruce up their homes, villages and workplaces so that they are better than others' and add lustre to their country, their motherland.
    We should be effective in applying Kim Jong Il's patriotism in the practical activities.
    To apply Kim Jong Il's patriotism means to thoroughly materialize the General's intentions and desires for the prosperity of the country and the happiness of all generations to come and to carry on all work for achieving the prosperity of the country in the way he did. We should faithfully carry to completion the undertakings he planned and was carrying on in his lifetime, so that his ideals and desires are translated into reality on this land.
    The highest expression of patriotism is found in defending the motherland. Where there is the motherland, there exist our Party, our government, our socialist system and the happy life of our people. The life dedicated to national defence is the most valuable, patriotic life. The service personnel of the People's Army who are standing in the forefront of national defence should firmly grasp the weapons of the revolution, and reliably defend the outposts of the country; the people in the home front should support their country of Songun through sincere aid to the service personnel. All the people should attach importance to military affairs and learn them in earnest. Should the enemy attack, they should make a resolute counterattack and give play to their patriotism in the sacred war for national defence.
    All officials, Party members and other working people should cherish Kim Jong Il's patriotism deep in their minds and turn out in the effort for achieving the prosperity of their country, their motherland. The effort for achieving the prosperity of the country is a worthwhile struggle to materialize our people's centuries-old desire and a sacred patriotic struggle to implement the instructions of President Kim Il Sung and General Kim Jong Il. We should become genuine patriots in the era of Songun and build a thriving socialist country for others to see, like the generation who built a new, democratic Korea shortly after its liberation, upholding the patriotic appeal of Kim Il Sung and like the heroes in the era of Chollima who built a people's paradise with empty hands on the debris in the post-war days.
    For our nation that has suffered long from indescribable misfortune and pain, divided into the north and south by outside forces, national reunification is the supreme national task, which brooks no further delay. National reunification is patriotism pure and simple, and national division is treachery to the nation. Those who sincerely love their country and nation, whether they live in the north, in the south or abroad, should valiantly turn out in the righteous struggle for reunifying the country, true to the noble idea of loving the country and nation cherished by Kim Jong Il, a peerless patriot.
    Patriotism can be likened to a gemstone. As a gemstone keeps sparkling even under the ground, the idea of loving the country, however small it may be, is valuable and always beautiful. We should cherish patriotism as valuable and beautiful as a gemstone, and volunteer to do the undertakings helpful to achieving the prosperity of the country and the well-being of the people. Always reflecting ourselves on the question about what we have devoted to the good of the country and people, we should cultivate the idea of loving the country. Only then will we be able to display genuine patriotism when planting even a tree and shed sweat out of patriotism when digging up a spadeful of earth in a construction site.
    Party and working people's organizations should fulfil their responsibility and role in the efforts to learn from Kim Jong Il's patriotism and apply it in the practical activities.
    It is often said that Party work is work with people, but, as a matter of fact, it fails to inspire and enlist the patriotism cherished in the minds of the people. Both Party work and the work of working people's organizations are work with people and for the country and people, so they should be naturally geared to cultivating and giving play to the patriotism cherished by the people. Today many of our Party members and other working people serve their country and people faithfully at their own posts whether or not they are seen or appreciated. They are all genuine patriots. Party and working people's organizations should value and appreciate the patriotic deeds performed by them, and raise the wind of patriotism throughout society so as to encourage everyone to take part in patriotic undertakings.
    All state organs and social organizations should pay attention to education in Kim Jong Il's patriotism. In educating in and applying Kim Jong Il's patriotism educational institutions have a special role to play; they should orient their teaching to the education in Kim Jong Il's patriotism, and combine their education closely with family and social education.
    Officials should be exemplary in applying Kim Jong Il's patriotism.
    They should not remain only worrying about their country; they should become genuine patriots who are ready to throw themselves into supporting the country. The slogan "We serve the country and the people!" presented by our Party is a slogan of patriotism our officials should hold high today. Officials should burn themselves with patriotic enthusiasm before anybody else, for the country and people, and shed sweat in the vanguard of the patriotic struggle of the people. When all officials work sincerely, devoting their all and sharing good times and bad with the people, sometimes carrying burdens on their backs, all people will take an active part in the building of a prosperous country with a sense of patriotism.
    Some days ago I said that we should do our work so that people give cheers for our Workers' Party whenever and wherever they are. It means that we should do our work efficiently so that they do so voluntarily not only at the rallies but also when they are left alone on the far-flung islands or deep in the mountains. When our officials, who have to serve the people, make tireless efforts shedding sweat to make our country prosperous and provide people with an abundant life, people would give cheers for the Workers' Party from the bottom of their hearts whenever and wherever they may be.
    Our Party demands that the whole country demonstrate enthusiasm for Kim Jong Il's patriotism to the full so as to hasten the final victory of the building of a thriving socialist country with the surging might of patriotism and single-hearted unity. As the President opened up the path of building a new country after liberation by kindling the flames of patriotism with the historic speech on his triumphant return, the speech in which he appealed for the building of a new, democratic Korea, those with strength giving strength, those with knowledge offering knowledge and those with money donating money, and as the General overcame severe trials and opened the way to the building of a thriving socialist country by kindling the flames of patriotism with a letter in which he appealed to all people to work energetically and with one purpose to make our country, our motherland, ever more prosperous, our Party is going to set up a new milestone in the building of a thriving socialist country by stoking the flames of patriotism with Kim Jong Il's patriotism as the starting fire. This is the unshakable will and determination of our Party.
    When the whole country brims over with Kim Jong Il's patriotism and all the people apply it to the letter in their practical activities, our country will shine in the world as a thriving socialist country.