Study of the Juche Idea

Journal "Study of the Juche Idea" 90

The “Study of the Juche Idea” No.90



On Socialist Construction and the Internal and External Policies of the Government of the Republic at the Present Stage
Kim Jong Un

European Regional Seminar on Juche Idea

Report:Two Political Models: EU and DPRK
Edmond Jouve (Director-general of the ERSSJI Board)

Speech: For Independence, Sovereignty and International Cooperation in Europe
Matteo Carbonelli (Secretary General of the ERSSJI)

Kimilsung-Kimjongilism and New Europe
OGAMI Ken-ichi (Secretary General of the IIJI)

Juche Idea: Key to Independent Development in Russia
Elena Babich(Chairperson of the Kim Jong Suk Women’s Union of Russia)

Enhancing Unity with Socialist Countries Promotes Global Independence
R. Kostadinov (President of the Bulgarian Society for the Study of Kimilsung-Kimjongilism)

Asian Regional Seminar on Juche Idea

Report:Self Reliance Guarantees National Sovereignty and World Peace
Harish Gupta (Director General of the ARIJI Board)

Speech:Third World Countries Must Follow Self Reliance Policy Based on Juche Idea
Muhammad Qamrul Huda(Honorary Chairman, Bangladesh Institute of Juche Idea)

Course on Juche Idea & Meeting for Exchanging Experiences

Speech: Significance of Peace and Denuclearization through “Trust Building”
Kamakura Takao (Representative Coordinator, Japanese National Liaison Council for Study of Kimilsung-Kimjongilism)

African University Students See Prospect of Transforming Their Own Countries in Juche Idea
Alhassan M. M.(Chairman, Nigerian National Committee for study of Kimilsung-Kimjongilism)

Mode of Our People’s Struggle to Defend and RealizeIndependence
Ri Won Chul (Researcher at Philosophical Department,Kim Il Sung University)


Movement by New Administration for Development and Independence of Mexico Ramon Jimenez Lopez (Director General of the IIJI Board)


Africa’s Leadership Major Challenges and Juche Leadership Philosophy Francis Fanuel Lyimo (Deptury Director-General of the ARCSJI Board)