Study of the Juche Idea

Journal "Study of the Juche Idea" 89

The “Study of the Juche Idea” No.89


New Era of Independence and Peace Initiated by Chairman Kim Jong Un

New Year Address in 2018

Panmunjom Declaration on Peace, Prosperity and Reunification of Korean Peninsula

DPRK-US Joint Statement in Singapore

September Pyongyang Inter-Korean Joint Declaration in 2018

IIJI 40th Founding Anniversary


Let Us Dynamically Hasten Cause of Global Independence Upholding Banner of Kimilsung-Kimjongilism

Ramon Jimenez Lopez (Director General of the IIJI Board)


Taking Responsibility for Academic Study of Juche Idea in Europe

Edmond Jouve (Director General of the ERSSJI Board)

Struggle for Activating Juche ldea in Africa

Lohekele Kalonda Andre (Secretary General of the ARCSJI)


Jose Fco. Aguilar B. (Director-General Emeritus of the LAIJI Board)

Devoting Half My Life to Study of Juche Idea

Hanawa Fujio (Joint Representative, Kanto Liaison Council for Study of Kimilsung-Kimjongilism, Japan)

Address at Awarding Ceremony of International Kim Il Sung Prize

Mukesh Sharma (Secretary General, International Kim Il Sung Prize Council)

40-Year Path of IIJI

International Seminar on “the Juche Idea and 70 Years of the DPRK”

International Seminar on Juche Idea and 70 Years of DPRK Held in Pyongyang

Congratulatory Speech:

70 Year History of Showing Validity and Invincible Vitality of Juche Idea

Ri Hye Jong (First Vice-President of the KASS)


DPRK Advancing under Banner of Juche Will Be Ever-Prospering

Harish Gupta (Deputy Director-General of the IIJI Board)

DPRK Leads World Peace and Denuclearization

Kamakura Takao (Representative Coordinator, National Liaison Council for Study of Kimilsung-Kimjongilism, Japan)

Orientation of Studying Experiences in DPRK by Russian Social Scientists

Boikov Igor A. (Chairman, Dagestan Association for Study of Juche Idea, Russia)

Regarding Ideology as Main in Revolution and Construction, Masses’ Ideological and Mental Strength Decides Everything

Jong Ho Dong (Associate Professor at Kim Il Sung Higher Party School)

70-year Long Amicable Relations between Mongolia and DPRK

Mashbat Sarlagtan (President, Mongolian Association for Study of Juche Idea and Songun Idea)

Nordic Seminar on Cause of Independence

Toward New Independent Nuclear-free World, New Era with Reunited and Prosperous Korea

Ogami Ken-ichi (Secretary General of the IIJI)

Revolution Can Be Achieved Only with Powerful Ideology

Juha Kieksi (Deputy Director-General of the ERSSJI Board)