Study of the Juche Idea

lnternational Institute of the Juche Idea

“Study of the Juche Idea” No.93 in English Edition Published

The 93rd issue of the English- language edition of the “Study of the Juche Idea” has been published by the International Institute of the Juche Idea.

This issue is a special issue of an International Seminar on the Juche Idea for “Independence, Justice, and Future of Mankind,” which was held in Pyongyang in April 2024, the first visit to the country in about five years.

This issue includes a lecture on the revolutionary ideology of Kim Jong Un, which has been recently systematized, along with other lectures by researchers of the Juche idea from various countries at the seminar.

This issue will help to deepen understanding of the Juche idea and promote global independence.

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