Study of the Juche Idea

lnternational Institute of the Juche Idea

The "Study of the Juche Idea" No.91

Special Issue:
75th Founding Anniversary of Workers' Party of Korea

The Workers’ Party of Korea Is the Party of the Great Leader Comrade Kim Il Sung

Kim Jong Il

Let Us Build a Splendid Pyongyang General Hospital to Mark the 75th Founding Anniversary of the Workers’ Party of Korea

Kim Jong Un


Glorious 75th Founding Anniversary of Workers’ Party of Korea

Ramon Jimenez Lopez, Director General of the IIJI Board

Workers’ Party of Korea, Vanguard of Socialism

Harish Gupta, Deputy Director-General of the IIJI Board

Materialist Outlook on History and Juche Idea

—Universal Significance of Juche Idea—

Kamakura Takao, Director of the IIJI Board

Juche Idea, Correct Guideline for Realization of Socialist Society

Jose Francisco Aguilar Bulgarelli, First Director-General of the LAIJI Board

Workers' Party of Korea, Great Motherly Party That Makes Selfless, Devoted Efforts for Good of People

Ri Hye Jong, First Vice-President of the KASS

Workers' Party of Korea, Most Powerful Party Striving for People

Ho Yong Bok, Vice-President of the KASS

Glorious 75 Years of Struggle for Independence and Well-being of Korean People

Juha Kieksi, Director of the IIJI Board

Workers' Party of Korea, Motherly Party That Guides and Serves People

Suresh P. Pathak, Director of the ARIJI Board

Workers’ Party of Korea Develops under Distinguished Leadership of Great Leader

Ogami Ken-ichi, Secretary General of the IIJI